The tattoo process...

  • The initial consultation
  • Deposits
  • Design & creation of your Artwork
  • The application of your tattoo

Initial Consultation

  • The initial consultation is designed for you to meet your artist, explore our studio and begin discussions on the design of your tattoo. You should bring with you any reference material you may have such as sketches, photos etc. Don't panic if you have no reference material and are unsure what you want. That's what we are here for! You will sit with the artist and together you will plan, design and create an individual piece that is as unique as you are. Let your imagination run free!
  • We will also discuss with you at this stage the placement options for your tattoo. Basically where the best place on your body will be for your new tattoo.

Placing a deposit

  • At this stage of the tattooing process a deposit is required. This is basically a commitment from you, to us that you are serious about getting your tattoo. This will then allow the artist to start the drawing up and subsequent creation of your design. A deposit is required to confirm your booking. A minimum deposit of $50.00 is required for all small tattoos. A minimum deposit of $100.00 is required for all larger tattoos between 2-3 hours. A minimum deposit of $150.00 is required for all tattoos 4 hours and above.
  • Deposits are non-refundable.
  • Any out of town clients can place a deposit via our online store accessed through our website.
  • In addition we will endeavour to give you an estimate on what your Tattoo may cost. However, please keep in mind that large pieces, sleeves, custom artwork, intricate designs and any specialty artwork such as portraiture is estimated on an hourly basis.
The design and creation of your tattoo
  • Armed with all your ideas and references we get started on the creation of your tattoo! This process may take some time depending on the design. We want to ensure the design we create for you is perfect! Intricate designs, and large pieces such as sleeves, back pieces etc can take some time to complete. We will keep you informed as to how your design is progressing by providing regular updates either by telephone or email.
  • Next, we will schedule a second consultation with you. At this consultation you will review the design that has been created for you. If you are completely satisfied with the design we can now schedule a day and time for the application of your tattoo. If you require any changes to the design, your artist can implement these changes prior to your appointment. However, if you require significant alterations to the design that has been created for you, your appointment may be rescheduled to enable the artist time to complete the design to your specifications.
  • When we design your tattoo several artistic processes take place. This may involve researching the subject matter for your tattoo, collecting reference pictures, to sketching out rough designs to establish layout and composition. Every artist at Visual Bliss Tattoo has their own individual artistic processes and how they approach the design of your tattoo. However, in most cases all tattoo designs will be presented to you as a "line drawing?. A line drawing is a simplified version of your design and often has little to no shading or details. This process allows your artist to present your design in a simplified format to demonstrate composition, layout etc. Your artist will then explain to you the style your piece will be tattooed, what colours will be used, where the shading will be etc. Reference pictures may be used to explain various styles and effects that will be used in your tattoo.

    Our online gallery has a comprehensive collection of various tattoos we have tattooed in black & grey and colour and various styles such as realism, traditional etc. If you are unsure how your tattoo will look please feel free to peruse our gallery and get a feel for how tattoos done in a similar style to your intended piece will look.

    The below picture is an example of a line drawing and the resultant tattoo. As mentioned above the design is presented in a simplified format with little to no detailing and no shading.

  • Please note we do not allow photographs to be taken or copies made of any artwork and designs created.

The application of your Tattoo

  • You cannot be tattooed while pregnant or taking any antibiotics or blood thinners. Antibiotics and blood thinning medications need to be completed at least one week prior to you being tattooed.
  • You must be eighteen years or older with government-issued identification.
  • You will be required to complete a Tattoo release form.
  • If your tattoo requires multiple sittings, there is a minimum two week healing time between appointments.
  • You cannot be tattooed while under the influence of alcohol or painkillers, and it is advised that you avoid alcohol completely the night before your appointment. Alcohol will increase skin dehydration making your skin more prone to irritation and bleeding during your tattoo.
  • You need to advise the Artist prior to being tattooed as to any allergies you may have, in addition, if you have or have had any communicable diseases and health conditions including but not limited to: diabetes, hepatitis, heart disease, acquired immune deficiency syndrome, HIV, haemophilia or venereal diseases.
  • The area where you are to get your tattoo needs to be free of any rashes, allergic reactions, pimples, insect or animal bites, scars, bruises or abrasions of any kind.
  • You should be well rested, have eaten a meal at least 4 hours prior to your appointment and wear appropriate clothing that allows the Artist to easily access the area of our body that is to be tattooed.

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