Tattoo Cover ups, Tattoo Restoration, Tattoo Re-work & Scar Cover ups...

At Visual Bliss, we love nothing more than taking a tattoo that you wish you didn't have, or simply wish to change, and transforming it into an amazing piece of Body Art that you love and can be proud of...Think laser removal is your only choice? Think again! Laser removal is an invasive procedure which can leave your skin damaged and scarred. See the team first at Visual Bliss and see what we can do for you and your tattoo today! We have achieved amazing results due to our clever and innovative ideas and thinking out side the box in our approach to this specialised art form.

Tattoo Cover Ups

Sometimes we get a tattoo that although we may have loved it at that particular moment in our lives, there may come a time when you just don't love it as much as you used too! At Visual Bliss, we specialise in cover ups and we will work with you to help design the perfect cover up for your unwanted tattoo. We tackle the hardest cover ups from black tribal, lettering to complete sleeve cover ups! Transform your Tattoo nightmare into a Tattoo dream.

Tattoo Restoration

Do you love your tattoo, but it just hasn't held up over time? Here at Visual Bliss, we can breathe life into your old Tattoos. If you have an old tattoo that you would love to show off again, then come down to the studio and discuss what we can do for you and your old tattoo!

Tattoo Re-Work

Do you have a tattoo that didn't turn out quite how you wanted? Has the tattoo been poorly executed? Perhaps, a backyard tattoo mistake? At Visual Bliss, we can Re-Work your tattoo and transform it into the Tattoo you dreamed of...

Scar Cover Ups

At Visual Bliss, we specialise in scar cover ups and tattoos that incorporate your scars into the artwork, transforming them into beautiful pieces of art. We understand not only the physical pain associated with scarring, but also that with every scar comes a story. We work closely with you to create a unique piece of artwork that you have always dreamed of...We understand the increased physical pain that comes from tattooing scar tissue and the nervous tension that can also arise as a result of tattooing scar tissue. We will discuss this with you and can develop a personal tattoo program that can be tailored to make your tattoo experience as enjoyable as possible. This may involve shortened sitting times, regular breaks and other methods that can be discussed. As always, all tattoo sessions are one on one and completely private. (Please note, out of respect to our clients, we do not publish all scar cover ups we have done due to the sensitive & personal nature of these particular pieces).

Arm Band Cover Up