Tattoo Apprenticeships

Posted on 10 March 2017

We get daily emails, phone calls and Facebook messages from people asking for an apprenticeship. Unfortunately, we have turned every one down. It's not because we aren't necessarily looking for an apprentice, it's basically every person who has asked this of us has never even set foot in our studio or even met us, let alone been tattooed by us - nor do they support us on social media! If you are serious about getting an apprenticeship, you absolutely love tattoos and could not imagine yourself doing anything else - here are a few tips that may help you on the road to that dream apprenticeship...

-Get tattooed over and over by the artist you love! Listen and learn - take in everything around you. Show dedication and loyalty to your artist and the studio.

-Support your artist! Follow them on all their social media pages, like, comment and share their posts.

-Once you have established yourself as a dedicated supporter of your artist and the studio then, maybe then - if the timing is right, begin to voice your dream of becoming an apprentice. Don't over do it or get pushy! Just quietly let your artist know your dreams.

-Have a portfolio ready of your best original work!

-Broach the subject of possibly doing some volunteer work - this won't be glamorous work! It will usually be cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning.

-Do not ever under any circumstances 'practice' tattooing on your mates from your backyard! The quickest way to get the doorway to your apprenticeship slammed in your face is to be a backyard scratcher!!

-Be dedicated and committed - work hard and chase your dreams ;)

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