Touch ups aren't free!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on 08 August 2018

Today we talk about "touch ups". There seems to be a common misconception among some people that they are entitled to free touch ups from their tattoo artist regardless of how much time may have passed from when they actually had the tattoo done. Touch ups are done solely at the tattoo artists discretion and usually will not be done for free. Most tattoo artists will ask you to pop back by the studio in two weeks time to check how your tattoo has healed. It is up to you the client to follow up with this. A tattoo artist knows how their work will heal and knows instantly if a tattoo has not been cared for correctly. Correct aftercare is paramount in ensuring your tattoo heals correctly, eliminating the need for any touch ups. In addition tattoos fade! That's what they do! Over time your tattoo will settle into your skin and there may be some slight fading. This is normal and definitely not grounds to demand a free touch up from your tattoo artist months after your tattoo has been done. As tattoo artists we cannot control how you look after your tattoo. If your tattoo is constantly in the sun without sunscreen then you will see more effects of fading due to sun damage to the tattoo. Also, the first few weeks are critical in the healing stage of your new tattoo. If you constantly have clothes rubbing on your new tattoo, expose it to the sun without sunscreen etc your tattoo will be damaged. In addition if your tattoo is in a high wear area such as the hand, knee cap etc your tattoo will tend to need a touch up - usually at the clients expense - at some stage due to the high wear these areas receive. This is explained prior to the tattoo and it is the clients responsibility to decide if they wish to proceed to have the tattoo done on a known high wear area or opt for another area.

As tattoo artists this is how we put food on the table, care for our families and pay our bills. We cannot be expected to constantly be offering free touch ups because a client has failed to care for their tattoo correctly or they have drop out because their tattoo is in a known high wear area. Be sure to care for your tattoo and touch ups can be avoided. If you do feel you need a touch up discuss this with your artist but don't expect the service to be free! Most artists charge a very small fee for touch ups - sometimes not even enough to cover expenses - just to ensure customer satisfaction and because most artists take great pride in their work!

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